The Challenge

In October 2019 the authority to conduct investigations was transitioned to the newly formed Defense Counterintelligence & Security Agency (DCSA). The DCSA is now responsible for conducting 90% of all background investigations for Civilian and DoD agency personnel across the federal government landscape. Federal agencies and other organizations now must adapt and work closely with the DCSA to learn and integrate with new systems and processes.

In addition, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) continues to institute new and evolving requirements as Security Executive Agency Directives (SEADs) that further expand the background investigation data sets. With the ODNI’s current directive for the continuous vetting of investigative data identified as “SEAD 6”, agencies must satisfy many new ambitious reporting requirements and ways to interpret results from a deeper and wider pool of record checks.

The Solution

For an Agency to be ready to handle the large amounts of continuous vetting data and be able to react to its contents, agencies need a modern, data-centric Personnel Security Case Management System (PS-CMS). A PS-CMS automates personnel security processes, electronically ingests all the SEAD 6 record check results, automatically attaches results to their corresponding records, issues alerts and notifications when results warrant attention, and allows agencies to quickly query reports and metrics for agency leadership, the ODNI, and the DCSA.

Selecting the Right Team

Since 2010, Chainbridge Solutions has been implementing and supporting Personnel Security Case Management Solutions across the Federal government that includes the implementation and support of over 15 federal agencies and their personnel security departments. As a thought leader in Personnel Security and Workforce Management, Chainbridge Solutions is able to offer customers out-of-the-box, proven solutions that incorporate PERSEC processes, business rules aligned to the Federal regulations, DCSA and ODNI terminology, mandated and commonly used reports, and many other timesaving features and capabilities.

Delivering Value

Delivering value comes down to selecting the right team with the understanding and experience of PERSEC and supporting technology to implement the optimal solution. The following is a fraction of the abilities and benefits currently experienced by our customers:

  • Tracking all personnel security information in one, trusted system of record
  • Collecting, analyzing, reporting, and incorporating historical data
  • Automating mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks
  • Instant access to one-click reports in support of management data calls and questions
  • Achieve adjudication timeliness goals easily and often
  • Minimize agency risk

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