What are SEAD 3 and SEAD 6?


On September 29, 2016, the Executive Order 13467 was amended by then-President Obama to establish the ODNI as the Security Executive Agent (SecEA) governing security policies for the Intelligence Community in particular, but also across the entire federal government. Effective January 12, 2018, SEAD 6 established the authority for the Continuous Evaluation of cleared employees, which has now been implemented across more than a third of security clearance holders and will quickly achieve inclusion of the entire workforce.

SEAD 3 enforces personnel self-reporting of activities that may impact positions of national security and SEAD 6 enforces continuous automated record checks of covered individuals.

Why is it a challenge for agencies?

Agencies struggle to encourage and maintain personnel self-reporting. Agencies are not equipped to handle the influx of data from SEAD 6 and assess the information received in a timely manner, allowing potential vulnerabilities to go unnoticed or unresolved.

Our Solution

Chainbridge Solutions is partnering with agency Personnel Security (PERSEC) organizations to design and develop smart case management systems that allow personnel to access a simple and easily accessible portal to enter SEAD 3 information. Chainbridge Solutions has also designed solutions to intercept SEAD 6 data and provide automatic matching of Continuous Evaluation results to their respective, corresponding person of interest and case.

Our solutions ease the burden of data entry by anticipating what personnel might report. They are flexible enough to allow personnel to modify and customize descriptions, categories, and other relevant details to ensure the system is capturing the data relevant to their organization.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about collecting and understanding SEAD 3 and SEAD 6 data and how to protect your agency from bad actors, please reach out to us via info@chainbridgesolutions.com for more information, schedule a demonstrations, and to speak with our PERSEC and supporting technology Subject Matter Experts.


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