COVID-19 has been an unprecedented experience in social distancing.  So many of us have had the privilege of working from our homes and have been successful doing so.  As the time to slowly, and extremely cautiously, return to the office approaches, we need to make sure the space is ready.

For Chainbridge Solutions’ employees, the experience of returning to the office will be different on every conceivable level. Chainbridge Solutions has been in the process of constructing our new office and innovation space since January 2020. The design process began in late 2019, however it evolved as we learned more about COVID-19. We knew we would have to pivot away from a largely open office layout, but we had no idea we were about to be jolted by a virus that would propel us into a new way of working entirely.

As our new office construction enters the final stages, we reflectively appreciate design decisions that will support us well in the post COVID-19 world and continue on our path of team-customer collaboration and solution innovations.

The new office will be three times larger in size than our current space, allowing everyone to spread out well beyond the 6 feet separation guidelines. We have increased the number of private offices by tenfold – giving our employees in leadership positions complete privacy. Our reception area will be glass enclosed to ensure anyone entering has been fully vetted; a large break room provides plenty of space for meals and snacks; and finally, employees have multiple options for areas to focus. For example, the cubicles will have high panels and glass separators at the top for added protection and privacy.  Huddle rooms will allow areas of deep focus for small groups.  Collaboration areas will give people enough space to share while still practicing social distancing.

Returning to the new Chainbridge Solutions post COVID-19 office will be full of new experiences. Chainbridge Solutions is working smart to make the environment safe and comfortable for all of our employees and guests. We want everyone to take comfort in knowing that they will be safe in their post COVID ready space.