How can legacy systems share data with your modern applications?
Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we show you how.

Our customers are constantly working with legacy systems that defy any kind of integration. They must securely access these legacy systems, manually enter information, and retrieve data for input, by hand, into their case management system. This creates a situation that is susceptible to errors, and forces knowledge workers to spend valuable time with mundane data entry/retrieval tasks when their expertise would best be leveraged elsewhere.

This is where Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, comes in. RPA automates the data entry and information retrieval from legacy systems. Using the power of tools like UiPath, Chainbridge Solutions replicates your repetitive tasks in legacy sites, allowing them to run in the background, at machine-speed and without your intervention.

As an example, the personnel security teams who leverage our BRIDGE Secure software will typically need to conduct record checks or submit investigation requests logging into multiple external sites that offer no integrations. With RPA, each of these site interactions can be automated in the background, either as they need to happen in the workflow, or in batches when the end user is ready.

By eliminating these highly manual interactions with legacy systems, Chainbridge Solutions frees our customers from the burdens of repetitive work, resulting in:

  • Faster case processing,

  • Reduced need for training in legacy systems,

  • A single user experience within your case management system, and

  • Increased accuracy since RPA handles data input and output.

Contact us to find out how Chainbridge Solutions can leverage RPA to reduce your legacy system headache and free up your time for more high value activities!