Following the Department of Defense Education Activity’s (DoDEA) option year contract award to Chainbridge Solutions, phase 2 of the project enables further refinement to DoDEA’s Personnel Security and Background Investigations Case Management System. Chainbridge Solutions will continue to build interfaces and incorporate new enhancements to the already built core system, addressing the security needs of an evolving workforce and the overall security posture of the organization. DoDEA’s Case Management System is built on the ServiceNow platform and offers DoDEA a modern and efficient case tracking solution. Sophisticated reporting and data analytics allow DoDEA staff to have real-time access to all the pertinent personnel security metrics captured in the system and their organization. The data analytics provides predictions and trend details on a variety of variables that are critical to DoDEA’s team.

Chainbridge Solutions’ CEO, Aarti Smith, said “We are so proud of the work we have done with DoDEA to date. We have executed as an effective and collaborative team, working hand-in-hand with our customer. This next year will be very exciting as we take this mission-critical system to the next level.”