Meet Bashir Duale: George Mason University graduate, May 2020, specializing in Computer Science. Bashir started at Chainbridge Solutions in the summer of 2019 as a Summer Intern. During his summer internship, he built an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability for a personnel security solution. The OCR “Scanner” tool allowed our solution to “read” and ingest a stack of forms, extract all the relevant data from them, and commit extracted data to its corresponding case in the solution. Forms could be upside down, crinkled, and even lightly damaged, but the tool’s accuracy in performing the scan and ingest remains extremely high. We were impressed!

Bashir was able to continue working with Chainbridge through the Fall and Spring, until his graduation in May 2020. On June 1, 2020, Bashir started as a Full-Time Employee with Chainbridge Solutions, holding the title of Software Developer. His 4-year education and experience over the year prior to graduation set him up for success in seamlessly transitioning to a full-time position. He was familiar with our teams, culture, and company vision. His work did not skip a beat and today he is contributing to our active customers and supporting work within the Chainbridge Innovation Lab. Bashir is a wonderful example of the how the transition from college to the workplace can be simple and easy. We look forward to the amazing things that Bashir will do during his journey at Chainbridge Solutions and we will be cheering for him on the sidelines as he continues to grow and expand his career in software development! Look for future blog posts, titled “What is Bashir doing now?”, giving insights into Bashir’s progress and the cool things he is working on Chainbridge Solutions!