The summer interns at Chainbridge Solutions have concluded their 2020 summer season. Since May, they had been hard at work innovating processes that reduce the burden on system users. They have also been a part of a widespread anthropological experiment – employment during COVID-19. As the global community retreated indoors and employers redesigned the way we work, our interns learned key lessons in adaptability alongside decades long professionals.

Our exceptional interns have been working hard – from home – to automate and modernize existing solutions using the RPA tool UiPath. They have created two attended robots that alleviate the reporting burden for Personnel Security professionals by completing several functions with little to no user input. The first of these creations automates the upload process to the Clearance Verification System (CVS) and Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS). Historically these uploads are a manual process involving generation and download of a batch file, login to an external website, and upload of the file. With the advent of the new robot, these processes can be completed from start to finish with a single mouse click and entry of login credentials.

The second robot works in a similar fashion to assist with the compiling of record checks data for a given candidate. In this scenario the user would normally login to an external website, locate the specific candidate in question and screenshot or download results of an agency record check or supplemental documentation. Through the hard work of our interns this again can be completed with a single mouse click as the attended robot performs person and content matching queries to actively locate a specified set of data. By automating these processes, users drastically reduce the margin for error in task completion and accelerate the speed with which cases may be processed.

RPA aside, our interns have been assisting with the modernization of our solution dashboards. Together we have developed quick start tools and reporting visuals to assist leadership users in deciphering agency data in a shorter amount of time. These updates include heat maps that use color to emphasize the magnitude of a particular data set, drilldown charts which enable users to see full results of a given filter criteria, and key performance indicators used in agency reporting and metrics. Through use of these tools, we aspire to go beyond the simple reporting requirements of our agencies and translate the data into its most consumable form, enhancing the user experience.

Chainbridge Solutions strives to constantly innovate and simplify established processes. The fresh perspectives our interns provided can help us reach these goals while at the same time training the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers. Our interns have demonstrated their resilience and adaptability both in the professional sphere and in our changing global climate and we cannot wait to see what amazing things they do next!

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