What is the Innovation Lab? 

The Chainbridge Solutions Innovation Lab represents the physical and virtual collaboration of the best and brightest across our company. Trained and experienced professionals come together to develop novel solutions to our customers most challenging problems. Exceptional solutions start in our lab and result in tailored proofofconcepts, solutions accelerators, and an array of specialized domain prototypes. The Chainbridge Solutions Innovation Lab enables our company to quickly stand up real-world demonstrations for customers that help conceptualize the possibilities of a Chainbridge Solutionspecific to their use cases and needs. The Innovation Lab helps turn our customer’s vision into reality.  

How is Innovation Achieved? 

Chainbridge Solutions believes  that by investing in a dedicated effort, separate from ongoing projects, great ideas are bornLots of organizations want to innovate – it is no secret that reimagining current processes is the key to winning new deals – but innovation often stops at the bottom-line profitability value. Chainbridge believes that the true value of their product lies in the team that creates it. We believe that we have the best minds on our team who can create the most elegant, accessible, low cost, and efficient solution possible – not just one that works, but one that excels at meeting the client’s needs. To that end we have dedicated sandbox development sites on multiple BPM offerings to test our ideas and work out the kinks before a single contract kick off. 

Recent Lab Products 

Curious what the team has been working on lately? Below is one of our latest initiativesRobotic Process Automation (RPA).  

Robotic Process Automation 

With the help of our exceptional team of interns and “out of the box” thinkers, the Innovation Lab has created several robots that automate current business processes using the robotic process automation (RPA) tool UiPathTwo of these bots are geared towards the Personnel Security business space and automate common reporting needs across agencies including the upload to the Clearance Verification System (CVS) and Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).  The finished bots execute a series of otherwise manual user actions (button clicks, browser navigation, screenshot capture, document formatting, file upload) with a single mouse click.

Machine Learning

We have built an algorithm-based machine learning tool, configurable by system administrators, to access, observe, and learn data trends to predict a new outcome. Referred to as the “Unfavorable Adjudication Predictor”, this prediction engine aggregates available Record Checks data to determine the likelihood of an unfavorable adjudication, based on repeated observations of full case processing cycles. The goal of the predictor is to recommend a decision and adjudicate a case within seconds, allowing specialists to better assign, schedule, and execute work.