When Maddy Edwards began working at Chainbridge Solutions in 2017 she was excited to leverage her expertise, creativity, and skillset to improve and innovate at our organization.

Maddy brought solid experience as a Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist to Chainbridge Solutions when she joined our team. As Maddy continued to grow professionally and progress further in her career at Chainbridge, she desired more creativity within her everyday work responsibilities and quickly became interested in expanding her experience and knowledge of building applications. Taking on a role of Business Analyst (BA), she helped our customers design and architect their solutions.

As BA, she designed the GUI for applications and helped customers articulate their vision. With improvement as a lifestyle, Maddy engineered processes to help streamline development tasks, got buy-in from teammates, adopted agile scrum methodology, and really took the method to heart — helping transform the team she was working on.

Adopting the idea that we want to all become more like each other, coding was the next logical step for Maddy. The flame was lit. This triggered a sequence of events which drove her to continue pushing her capabilities in the coding space and explore a career as a Developer. Curiosity, innovation, and better product understanding helped propel Maddy up the learning curve to become a developer.

As her career progressed, Maddy was introduced to the ServiceNow platform for application development. ServiceNow allowed her to configure features and functionality in a hybrid configuration/coding environment, giving her exposure to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to automate IT business processes. In little time, she was coding and seeing the results of her code in the form of cool features and functionality.

On her own time, Maddy began independent education to improve her coding and development skills, using powerful tools such as Code Academy, various coding boot camps, leveraging education materials from Udemy, and training courses by ServiceNow. This, combined with mentorship and pair programming with senior developers, enabled Maddy to gain the skills required to become a software developer and received her certification as a ServiceNow Developer this summer!

From QA to BA to Developer, Maddy has had freedom to explore where her intuition has taken her, innovating along the way and providing better experiences for customers, teammates and the organization. Chainbridge Solutions, a small business, has been the ideal place to cultivate Maddy’s drive and dedication to learning. Being Agile and nimble, in a way that only a small business can, we were able to quickly transition and support Maddy in new roles.

Small businesses do not have large labor pools to dedicate to specific functions. Instead, we are focused on hiring talented people with a drive to add value, learn, and solve problems. Our small business has offered Maddy opportunities to try a variety of things and lean into her desires. We could not be prouder of her accomplishments. Maddy Edwards is an integral part of the Chainbridge Solutions’ team. We are excited to see what she does next to strengthen Chainbridge Solutions and herself!