Investigation adjudications and personnel security agencies are moving towards holistic data management to address the need for complete and accurate information that will form the foundation of Trusted Workforce 2.0 (TW2.0). New policies and requirements related to TW2.0 will drive the need for updates to existing personnel security systems that enable intentional decision-making while mitigating risk, detecting patterns, and optimizing efficiency. These systems must collate information from diverse sources to enable agencies to make swift and collaborative decisions. As the world of personnel security and the associated activities that govern background investigations evolve, so must the systems that manage the inevitably increasing volume and complexity of that data.

The mission-critical case management systems at the heart of these enterprise processes are often complex, with a significant legacy codebase. These systems lack the features of modern personnel security systems, limiting insight into their data, flexibility to change workflow to address upcoming policy shifts, and an intuitive user experience.

This white paper examines legacy case management systems from the perspective of subject matter experts, drawing from Chainbridge Solutions’ experience of modernization of legacy applications, and describes the path to modernization and what it can provide for Personnel Security across the federal government.