Inspired by two young leaders from Stanford University who kicked off a program at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic called Bridging TechChainbridge Solutions joins in their passion to help children in underserved communities. The Bridging Tech program provides the crucial technology for these children to attend school remotely, complete assignments, and have access to online information for learning. Launched as a charitable non-profit organization, Bridging Tech receives technology donations around the country. 

Bridging Tech shares our passion for “bridging” a solution to a need or idea. Chainbridge Solutions has embraced Bridging Tech and is donating laptops to the non-profit. We will continue to support them and donate all future technology to the organization. Our donated laptops will make their way to kids across the country in homeless shelters, underprivileged communities, family services organizations, youth organizations, and Housing centers. The laptops make their way to excited children that have no other means of accessing schooling. We are incredibly grateful to be in a position to donate and invite all of our fellow friends and partners to join us. 

“As a company focused on bridging the gap between a customer’s vision and reality, we want to help bridge a similar gap between students who don’t have the right tools for learning and great teachers who want their students to thrive.” said Chainbridge Solutions President & CEO, Aarti Smith. 

Please visit the Bridge Tech website at so you, too, can elect to have someone come retrieve your technology donations and ship them directly to Bridging Tech HQ in San Francisco. The Bridging Tech non-profit also accepts monetary donation in lieu of laptops. Easy and simple. Join us in helping Bridging Tech achieve their goals. 

Thank you.