Empowering students' STEM education. Girls in Technology (GIT)

Education and empowerment are the core tenants of our culture and our value statement.

We work closely with young women in high school within the Girl’s in Technology (GIT) program. We help these future leaders navigate college readiness and guide their passion for education in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

For another important program, Bridging Technology, we provide old laptops to poverty-stricken youth, unable to procure necessary technology for learning. The laptops are refurbished and good as new before they reach their next owner. By equipping kids with the right tools, we get them one step closer to reaching their potential!

Inspired by both of those initiatives, we decided to extend our support and empowerment to the college graduate.

Instructor teaching students about technology programs.After college, young adults have zero to little work experience. They have a foundation that fosters learning, thinking, and problem solving, but no hands-on business experiences that impact a customer.  That is where we come in, with Chainbridge Solutions Bridge Academy (CBSA), to take the student on a journey of understanding our customers, why we help them, how we help them, and why it all matters. We teach students new application platforms, methodologies, tools and techniques, and best practices that take them to a whole other level of workforce readiness. The best part? It is all free for the new graduates! All they need to bring with them is a college degree and a love of learning.

We recruit motivated individuals and put them through our rigorous 60-day CSBA program. The program, led by Chainbridge Solutions’ best and brightest professionals, includes a packed schedule consisting of topics like Agile, Low-code application platforms, case management, professional communication, analytics, Scrum, and much more.  Each student is assigned 2 challenge projects aligned with their education and career path.

Five Masterclasses are presented, focusing on a specific subject, diving deep into the subject matter.

Our Masterclasses include:

  • Agile/Scrum;
  • Good Coding Habits;
  • Personnel Security;
  • Human Capital; and
  • Consulting 101.

Chainbridge Solutions BRIDGE Academy Graduate

Our program concludes with challenge project assessments and transition to live, ongoing projects.

Graduates of CSBA are armed with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to deliver true value to our customers and be successful at Chainbridge Solutions. We are thrilled to invest in the next generation of the workforce and look forward to seeing each of our grads thrive and excel in their new careers!

Visit our Careers page to learn more or apply to our many entry-level positions.

About Chainbridge Solutions
Chainbridge Solutions Inc. is an SBA 8(a) certified, woman-owned small business, building automated workflow solutions for the Federal Government and private sector with the use of Low Code Application Platforms. Chainbridge Solutions specializes in legacy application modernization through an agile methodology focused on human-centric design, strong customer engagement, and rapid delivery of results through an iterative approach. Chainbridge Solutions brings strong expertise in the Human Capital, Personnel Security, and Investigative domains. Leveraging emerging technologies such as machine learning and robotic process automation, Chainbridge Solutions delivers smart, measurable, innovative solutions that offer business automation, optimized workflow, improved customer experiences, and overall cost savings and efficiencies.