Emerging technology is a broad term describing contemporary and innovative advances in various technical fields. For the application development field, the biggest emerging technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI)The spectrum of AI capabilities is helping to take applications to a whole other level   

Chainbridge Solutions is adding AI to our solutions, offering customers insights into their data and the ability to make critical decisions with confidence. We have implemented machine learninwithin our Personnel Security solutionsoffering agency staff a prediction of a final clearance adjudication decision long before an investigation is completed. As more data is examined by the machine learning algorithm, the accuracy of the predictions increasesThese predictions help our customers onboard clearable employees faster, while optimizing their resources, as well as terminating cases that are destined to be unfavorably adjudicated, without spending large amount of time coming to that conclusion manually.  This capability is helping agency staff work smarter and making their workforce trusted, faster. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is another emerging technology that is automating repetitive, mundane tasks. Chainbridge Solutions is using RPA to create both attended and unattended robots (BOTs) to automate data exchanges across multiple data systems. When legacy systems must share information with modern ones and web services or APIs are not available or possible, RPA can help complete the data exchange without the user having to access multiple systems. RPA can save large amounts of time and get the job done effortlessly behind the scenes in a fraction of the time that it would take a human to do the same.   

Machine Learning and RPA are changing the game for Chainbridge Solutions’ customers. We can get our customers information they didn’t think was possible, in a way they didn’t dream was doableBy leveraging emerging technology to build applications that learn and improve over time, Chainbridge Solutions helps our customers understand their data like never before. They can finally spend their time gaining insights from that data and making critical decisions faster.