Meet Edgar Servellon: ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources (CIS-HR), a rising star at Chainbridge Solutions and part of our growing ServiceNow practice.

Edgar started at Chainbridge Solutions as a Quality Assurance Specialist. He was awesome at his job, but highly eager to learn more and solve challenging problems as a Developer. Chainbridge Solutions’ dedication to our employees and a deep commitment to give our staff opportunities for growth, culminated into the perfect match: an opportunity for Edgar to shift gears and pursue mastery as a Developer on the ServiceNow platform. “My personal career growth at Chainbridge Solutions, from a Software Quality Assurance Specialist to a ServiceNow Developer/HR Implementation Specialist, is a testament to how Chainbridge Solutions epitomizes natural, organic career growth.” – Edgar A. Servellon

Edgar pursued ServiceNow certifications with tremendous enthusiasm. Edgar’s first ServiceNow certification was a Certified Application Developer. Edgar pursued this certification under his own initiative and quickly passed the exam. He then set his sights on a loftier goal, achieving certification as a Certified Implementation Specialist – Human Resources (CIS-HR). After completing the requisite ServiceNow training courses, and leveraging his experience building out case workflows, Edgar’s knowledge and experience were put to the test via the CIS-HR exam. To no surprise, in March 2021 Edgar received his ServiceNow Implementation Specialist certification for Human Resources (CIS-HR).

“Becoming a ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist for Human Resources was an enriching experience that not only sharpened my existing ServiceNow developer skillset, but also enhanced my HR skillset and gave me the confidence to implement, configure, and maintain new applications within ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery.” – Edgar A. Servellon

Chainbridge Solution is focused on hiring talented people with a drive to add value, learn, and solve problems, like Edgar. We could not be prouder of his accomplishments. Edgar Servellon is an integral part of the Chainbridge Solutions’ team. We are excited to see what he does next to continue positioning Chainbridge Solutions as a ServiceNow partner in the Federal Human Capital Management domain.