Personnel Security departments across the Federal government – both Civilian and Defense as well as State and Local governments – create, send, and manage often overwhelming amounts of paper-based artifacts as part of their daily business. Many of these documents must be created and sent to applicants, Human Resources departments, Supervisors, Managers, and the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA).  

Can you imagine how much time must be spent creating and then re-creating the same documents but for different subjects and cases? Maybe you’re a Personnel Security Specialist and you don’t have to imagine because you face this challenge on a daily basis. 

Now imagine a world where your personnel security solution does the creating and sending for you – relieving you of all those hours spent writing, populating, proof-reading, and emailing. Chainbridge Solutions offers our personnel security customers an intuitive and simple interface to create, preview, email, print, and organize documents – making work easy.

Reach out to us for a demo and learn how we have liberated our customers by providing a more productive approach to document handling, freeing agency personnel to use their time more wisely!