2021 Summer Internship Program Wraps Up an Exciting Year at Chainbridge Solutions

We’re wrapping up our 2021 Summer Internship Program at Chainbridge Solutions! This year we worked with a group of bright high school and college students to support several projects using tools like Salesforce and UI path to expand our company capabilities for Application services.

At the end of each summer, we ask our interns to give a presentation on their projects and experiences. One intern, Grace Choi, credited Aarti Smith during their presentation for giving the advice that guided her entire internship experience: “Be greedy to learn.”

Here are some highlights about their time at Chainbridge Solutions:

Chainbridge Solutions 2021 Summer Interns Ahmad Taka, Megan Rudo, Grace Choi, Keshav Tarafdar, and Anjana Raman.

Chainbridge Solutions 2021 Summer Interns Ahmad Taka, Megan Rudo, Grace Choi, Keshav Tarafdar, and Anjana Raman.

Attend Master Classes

All new interns spent their first week learning everything they could from Chainbridge Solutions’ experts through deep-dive seminars on Personnel Security and the Agile Methodology. These courses are part of a larger program we offer to college graduates called Chainbridge Solutions Bridge Academy. This year interns learned about concepts like Agile Scrum, Personnel Security Workflows, Continuous Evaluation, HR Onboarding and Offboarding, and more.

Learn New Technologies

At Chainbridge Solutions, our Interns are doing some amazing things. They are building case management proof-of-concepts, creating bots to automate repetitive tasks with the use of robotic process automation, and building machine learning models to predict case management decisions more accurately.

“We are so impressed with our Summer Interns who never cease to amaze and impress us with their knowledge, capabilities, and most importantly – their enthusiasm for learning! Go STEM, Go Interns, and Go Chainbridge Solutions!” – Aarti Smith

This year’s work focused on learning to use Salesforce and UiPath, leveraging the development capabilities of those tools for practical applications. Each intern was tasked with presenting the capabilities of their assigned tool and creating a proof of concept for a practical workflow like HR Onboarding, Sales Opportunity Pipelines, and more.

Develop Soft Skills

Beyond their technical skills, this program also provides an opportunity for interns to build the soft skills that make people successful members of a team. Internship programs which focus on younger high-school and college students are often their first experience working in an office culture. Here they learn to effectively communicate, collaborate, and build relationships with their coworkers – better preparing them for working as valuable team members in the future.

Give Back to the Community

Our organization is committed to helping educate, train, and empower the next generation work force and encourage our teams to give back. To that end, Chainbridge Solutions’ 2021 interns contributed by preparing and shipping laptops to Bridging Tech, a non-profit which helps provide technology to underserved communities. These laptops will be used to support children so they can attend school remotely, complete assignments, and have access to online information.

Learn More About Our Internship Program

Chainbridge Solutions recognizes the value of active, hands-on experience and career exploration. As such, we seek proactive interns with a strong desire to contribute to various business areas within our team including application development, AI/RPA/ML, business analysis, and marketing.

We want to thank all our wonderful interns for their excellent contributions and hope they learned a lot! We also want to thank Sue Fajer at the Children’s Science Center for supporting our program and connecting us with some very talented and bright young students!

You can learn more about our Summer Internship Program on our Careers page. For consideration, please email us at info@chainbridgesolutions.com.