How CMMI 2.0 and New Process Improvements Unlock Powerful Advantages for Customers

When working on mission-critical projects, the Federal government often recommends use of vendors with a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) maturity rating level 3 or higher. The publication of CMMI Version 2.0 introduced several big changes to the framework, with the goal of increasing the quality, reliability, and consistency of performance by those vendors.

As Chainbridge Solutions has implemented changes based on CMMI for Development V2.0 (CMMI-DEV 2.0), we have improved our processes with the deliberate intention to benefit our customers. This post discusses some of the key changes of the CMMI-DEV 2.0 framework, how Chainbridge Solutions addressed those improvements, and the advantages it gives our customers.

The Framework Requirements Have Been Streamlined

The Institute has made strides to eliminate duplicate requirements by combining Services, Development, and Acquisitions into the same model and by eliminating General Practices. Combining the three constellations into a single model creates more consistency across organizations regardless of how they applied the model to their work. General Practices were replaced with new Practice Areas, Governance (GOV) and Implementation Infrastructure (II). This gives organizations better focus on how work is planned, managed, and executed.

CMMI DEV, SVC, and ACQ have been combined into a single model for CMMI 2.0

CMMI 2.0 combines the three constellations, Development, Services, and Acquisition, into a single framework to streamline requirements.

Senior management used the CMMI 2.0 updates as an opportunity to re-center their focus on consistency, quality of work, and process improvement.

  • To improve consistency, we updated the internal procedures, made access and organization of this information more intuitive for employees, and expanded on our internal auditing.
  • To better monitor quality, management updated routine reviews to include more relevant objectives and metrics focusing on critical project work.
  • To facilitate process improvement, management identified logical avenues for incorporating lessons learned and team suggestions into management conversations and identified a standard for analyzing the effectiveness of process improvements.

What’s the Advantage?

When a vendor has an efficient, focused approach to their projects – the result is less risk for clients. The streamlined CMMI V2.0 translates into vendors with:

  • A trusted set of best practices focusing on the most important work;

  • Established feedback systems with faster reaction times; and

  • Consistent, repeatable services to support better processes and products.

Maturity Level 3 Now Includes All CMMI Practice Areas

Maturity Level 3 (ML3) Appraisals reviewed 18 Process Areas in Version 1.3. Version 2.0 includes 25 Practice Areas. This expansion ensures that ML3 organizations have a proactive and holistic approach to the way they work. Key among these new Practice Areas is Causal Analysis Resolution (CAR).

Causal Analysis Resolution (CAR) steps include selecting an outcome for analysis, collecting data, identifying causal factors, determining a root cause, and recommending/implementing solutions.

Causal Analysis Resolution (CAR) steps include selecting an outcome for analysis, collecting data, identifying causal factors, determining a root cause, and recommending/implementing solutions.

Our team immediately recognized the value of this practice area and added a CAR process to monthly management activities. The steps include:

  • Select an Outcome. Analyzing a positive outcome can lead to understanding how to perform at a higher level. Analyzing negative outcomes can help mitigate future issues.
  • Collect Data. Collecting relevant data points helps ensure an unbiased view of the outcome and the factors at play around a subject.
  • Identify Causal Factors. Looking at key data and drawing conclusions about what factors played a key role in the outcome help identify themes and relationships.
  • Determine Root Cause. Causal factors can be concentrated into a more focused root – be that an event, activity, strategy, or something else.
  • Recommend & Implement Solutions. Use your understanding of a root cause to create an actionable plan. Implement that plan and monitor results to determine its effectiveness.

What’s the Advantage?

Vendors who consider and manage work with a holistic approach see the whole picture – saving time and money. A good CAR approach benefits customers through:

  • A more cost-effective issue prevention strategy;

  • Eliminating rework by reducing repeat mistakes; and

  • Directly improving quality and productivity.

Benchmark Appraisals Have a Stronger Focus on Business Operations

Chainbridge Solutions recentered their procedures and objectives to focus on customer satisfaction, time, budgets, quality, and continuous improvement.

Chainbridge Solutions re-centered their procedures and objectives to focus on customer satisfaction, time, budgets, quality, and continuous improvement.

CMMI 2.0 guides organizations to tie business objectives directly to business processes and work products. It also outlines value statements to further explain the intended benefits of each practice. Benchmark appraisals now put a higher focus on value and the relationship between objectives and process.

Chainbridge Solutions’ senior management reassessed the standard procedures and high-level business objectives our company uses to ensure alignment with everyday operations. This gives us a stronger focus on:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Time to Delivery
  • Project Budgets
  • Quality of Work
  • Process Improvement

What’s the Advantage?

Customers can feel confident in their choice to hire vendors who have earned a Level 3 maturity rating for CMMI 2.0 – suggesting proven, trusted reliability. CMMI benchmark appraised organizations provide::

  • Measurable, improved performance;

  • A strengthened agile process and a focus on execution; and

  • Improved reliability and consistency from benchmarks.

Hire a Business You Can Trust

Agencies benefit greatly from working with vendors who have a proven history of focusing on quality. Implementing the CMMI framework is an excellent example of how organizations can exemplify that focus. Chainbridge Solutions was rated as a Maturity Level 3 organization for V1.3 in 2018. Now, as a commitment to continuous improvement and delivering high-quality work to our customers, we’ve set our sites on obtaining an updated rating for V2.0.

We strive for excellence in all we do. Read about the recognition and awards we’ve earned for more on Chainbridge Solutions’ merits. Explore the Innovation Lab for more about our cutting-edge work with modern technologies.