Chainbridge Solutions’ corporate responsibility goal is to accelerate positive social change and contribute to a more sustainable world so that our team, communities and customers thrive today and in the future.

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Girls in Technology

Chainbridge Solutions believes in the importance for women in the technology industry to feel a sense of empowerment to innovate, collaborate, and lead successful STEM careers. Aarti Smith, President & CEO of Chainbridge Solutions, is an active member of Women in Technology (WIT) and a Mentor within their Mentor-Protege Program. She is passionate about helping women navigate and advance their STEM careers. As she also supports program like STEM For HER and Girls in Technology, a committee led by WIT members to encourage and support young girls in their interest and pursuit of STEM education, internships, and careers.

I can remember being one of only 7 female Electrical Engineers in  nearly 1000 graduates in the Virginia Tech graduating class of 1994. It was overwhelming to navigate a male-dominated curriculum.“- Aarti Smith.

Thankfully today, we have more women in STEM then ever before due to great female mentors, supporters, educators, and business leaders who are cheerleaders for STEM and women empowerment! Excited to see the impact that girls and women of tomorrow will make.  #EMPOWHER

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The Bridging Tech Charitable Fund

Chainbridge Solutions is committed to helping educate, train, and empower the next generation work force. As a company focused on bridging the gap between a customer’s vision and reality, we want to help bridge a similar gap between students who don’t have the right tools for learning and great teachers who want their kids to thrive.

Through the WIT Girl’s in Technology program, we have the honor of helping the next generation of female students reach their full potential. Bridging Tech allows us to reach even further by helping students with extremely limited resources.” says Aarti Smith, ” If we can get technology in the hands of just one student, the impact is limitless.