Ethically Speaking


Chainbridge Solutions offers an Entellitrak-based, web-accessible electronic filing system to government staff required

Ethically Speaking2021-06-28T09:17:56-04:00

Template Generation with Entellitrak Systems


Personnel Security departments across the Federal government - both Civilian and

Template Generation with Entellitrak Systems2021-06-10T11:43:33-04:00

Lifecycle Management of a Credential Holder


We’ve established that credential management is case management and described how low-code application platforms

Lifecycle Management of a Credential Holder2021-02-10T10:09:24-05:00

The Case [Management] for Modernization


Investigation adjudications and personnel security agencies are moving towards holistic data management to address

The Case [Management] for Modernization2021-01-21T16:58:42-05:00

Credential Management is Case Management


Credentialing is the intake, vetting, and adjudication of medical professionals to check education,

Credential Management is Case Management2020-12-16T12:30:32-05:00

Low-Code Platforms and Why We Need Them


On June 26, 2020, Aarti Smith, President & CEO of Chainbridge Solutions,

Low-Code Platforms and Why We Need Them2020-07-06T10:26:36-04:00

Delivering Customer Value by Design


Effective customer engagements and corresponding business growth is a result of good design.

Delivering Customer Value by Design2020-06-18T13:58:58-04:00
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