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Streamline the PERSEC Case-Processing Lifecycle from Start to Finish PERSEC-IQ empowers federal, state, and local personnel-security (PERSEC) organizations, enabling them to swiftly onboard high-quality staff while ensuring their organizations remain safe, secure, and ready for Trusted Workforce 2.0. A product of Chainbridge Solutions’ more than 13 years of PERSEC system design and implementation expertise, PERSEC-IQ automates key business operations for case processing in a cost-effective, turnkey solution. Built on the Tyler Technologies Application Platform powered by Entellitrak®, PERSEC-IQ provides


A Modern Solution for Enhanced Workforce Security In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, the need for a secure, enabled, and ready workforce has never been more crucial. BRIDGESECURE, built on the robust ServiceNow Platform, is a comprehensive personnel security and background investigation case management system specifically designed for the U.S. Federal Government and government contractors. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology and streamlined processes, BRIDGESECURE empowers agencies and organizations to achieve the highest standards of workforce security.Cloud-Agnostic Deployment Model Whether

Application Modernization

Build Modern Apps to Future-Proof Your Agency As technology and mission priorities evolve, many of the systems our government relies on require complex support and expensive modifications to remain relevant and effective. Outdated systems become misaligned with mission objectives and pose significant risks, including security vulnerabilities and a deteriorating user experience that leads to frustration and inefficiency. In this dynamic environment, application modernization is a crucial initiative on every government agency’s critical path. Chainbridge Solutions transforms legacy systems into

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