System Integration

As system automations become more prevalent, complete data sets which reflect the most up-to-date information have become more important, both for representing an accurate picture and ensuring correct processing of records. Seamless integrations with external systems which update regularly and frequently have a strong impact on system effectiveness.

Benefits of Implementing System Integrations



Draw confident and clear insights by being able to access all your data in one place and sort by date.



Save your team hours of manual work through automated data sharing.


Accurate Automations

When your data sets show a complete, up-to-date representation of the case, automations acting on business rules are guaranteed to be correct.

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Chainbridge Solutions offers an Entellitrak-based, web-accessible electronic filing system to government staff required to file their OGE-450 Financial Disclosure

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Chainbridge Solutions™ has developed user-friendly integrations to track interdepartmental and external agency information data that relate to system cases and workflows. These integrations were built using several technology methods including Application Programming Interface (API), key-pair authenticated Secure File Transfer Protocols (SFTP) transfers and manual, ad-hoc uploads.

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