For flawless exit experiences.

Whether an employee’s departure is voluntary or involuntary, the offboarding process often gets set aside as leadership seeks to fill the position and shifts into backfill mode.

Our offboarding solution establishes a formalized, automated process to mitigate security and legal threats while creating a compliant and positive exit experience.

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Retention of Knowledge

Departing employees often have years’ worth of project, program, or other specialized knowledge and experience. Our offboarding workflow ensures a full and complete data dump through offboarding knowledge transfer activities.

Using the system’s automated processes, managers can be certain the employee has successfully transitioned all work in progress and legacy information.

Gain Valuable Feedback

Within the myriad knowledge transfer activities, managers or HR may conduct exit interviews with their employees to gain insight into their employee experience, work processes and the individual’s overall knowledge regarding their position on the team. Capture these valuable insights and refer back to them all in one place.

Protection of Property

As stewards of public funds, agencies must ensure the departing employee returns all agency property such as laptops, cell phones, personal protective equipment and other tangible property. Using the ServiceNow Lifecycle Events engine, our checklist includes common items across government and can easily be configured by the agency to include additional specific items.

Safeguarding Physical Access

Failure to collect physical access cards, PIV/CAC cards and credentials could lead to facilities being wrongfully accessed with assets or information being lost, stolen or misused.

Our offboarding solution provides organizations a powerful tool to coordinate risk management activities and enforce internal controls related to physical access of facilities.

Key Features

  • Automated offboarding checklists and documentation
  • Agency asset return management
  • In-application communication tools for offboarding activities

System Specifications

  • System Requirements: ServiceNow New York or higher, Employee Service Center, HRSD Enterprise (preferred), Standalone Enterprise Onboarding & Transitions (if not using HR Service Delivery)
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: 2020
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