Streamline the PERSEC Case Processing Lifecycle From Start to Finish

Automate the key business operations for Personnel Security Case Processing using a modern turnkey solution

PERSEC-IQ offers federal, state, and local Personal Security (PERSEC) organizations a modern solution for swiftly onboarding suitable staff faster with impeccable quality and an intuitive user experience all while keeping their organizations safe, secure, and prepared for Trusted Workforce 2.0.

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Real-Time View

Our solution allows a real-time view into the state of their organization’s workforce, the ability to receive data from the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) system, the built-in SEAD 3 portal, and Continuous Vetting.

Act on Red Flags

Track case status, record changes and workflow transitions with dashboard reporting, ad-hoc search capabilities and a detailed, action-by-action audit trail of all system activities.

Key Features

  • Automated Candidate Intake

  • Detailed Investigative Workflow

  • Full Case Lifecycle Tracking & Visibility

  • One-Click Dynamic Reporting

  • Tailored Dynamic Dashboards

  • Insider Threat Ready
  • Robust Interfaces with DCSA

  • User-Friendly Portal for Self-Reporting Events (SEAD 3)

  • Continuous Vetting Ready 

  • Programmable Calendar Date Alerts & Notifications

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