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Managing extensive data intake and processing without a suitable data infrastructure can lead to inaccurate reporting, duplicate record sets, and missing or wrong information.

Chainbridge Solutions™ has created an easier way for organizations to manage their data and extract meaningful information to achieve greater organizational insight.

What We Do

We support your organization’s pursuit of understanding data and have created solutions that easily capture, store and analyze extensive amounts of data to create better quality control and business oversight.

Our highly experienced team of developers have implemented migration scripting for swift data transfers, implemented machine learning algorithms for advanced insights, and built custom reports and analysis tools. Our approach is methodical, efficient and proven to work time and time again.

Data Acquisition

  • Understand your business needs and challenges
  • Optimize your data model to support existing applications and future enhancements

  • Identify data sources and gathering methods

Data Cleansing & Transformation

  • Address inconsistent datatypes, misspelled attributes, missing or duplicated values within your data set

  • Convert existing data based on defined mapping rules

  • Recombine or split legacy data records to match the data format required by your organization

Data Migration

  • Seamlessly migrate legacy data into cloud environments at FISMA Moderate and FISMA High Security Levels

  • Enforce your custom business rules throughout the migration process to ensure legacy data remains available and usable in the new and modern environment

  • Safely migrate data through a pre-production system to verify accuracy with data activities before deploying the data set to a production environment

Data Analysis

  • Improve efficiency and managerial oversight with custom reporting

  • Implement process efficiency metrics, quality control data tracking and business trend analysis

  • Address your unique data needs with tailored reporting dashboards

Data Intelligence

  • Gain predictive insights into your data with Machine Learning capabilities

  • Identify the highest impact scenarios and the most appropriate tools for your organization to build a predictive model that can replace or simplify cumbersome business processes – continuously improve the performance of these models through an automated process of training, validation and deployment

  • Define and refine the selection of feature variables to be used in the development of data module(s)

Data Visualization

  • Summarize data into quick-access dashboards

  • Create reports on aspects of your operations important to your team


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Emerging technology is a broad term describing contemporary and innovative advances in various technical fields. For the application development field, the biggest emerging technology is Artificial



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