Empowering your teams to focus on the mission.

Following system deployment, we provide regular maintenance for continued security and compatibility with external systems and updates for improved functionality.

Through our operations and maintenance services, we help organizations stay focused on their mission, their customers and their team.

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What We Do

We provide steady-state and corrective maintenance, end user support as well as change and enhancements management for our customers.

The Chainbridge Solutions™ Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team uses a combination of development, testing and deployment talent to field user inquiries, implement bug fixes, and deploy new enhancements and updates. We have provided O&M support for all applications we have built to date.

  • Steady-State and Corrective Maintenance
    Our developers keep your system up-to-date and running smoothly with regular maintenance.

  • Service Desk and End User Support
    Our Service Desk is available 24/7 and is immediately notified of any new service desk submissions to address any user questions or resolve system issues.

  • Change and Enhancements Management
    Upon receiving a new feature or enhancement request, out team works with your organization to identify the solution and implement system enhancements.

“The completion of 10 adaptive changes, another 9 corrective tickets, and continued work on the SFMIS Problem Data Table was beyond our expectations and deserves to be recognized. From Program Management leadership and direction, through the pristine understanding of requirements by the Business Analysts, and the generally flawless execution of the developers, the Sprint was above reproach and greatly appreciated by the entire AF team. To accomplish such a heavy lift this Sprint shows the dedication and professionalism of your team to ensure AFSF mission accomplishment with little to no major impacts on the field user.”

Elizabeth Sadler, MSgt, Superintendent

United States Air Force Justice Information System (AFJIS)

US Air Force


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