Gain critical insight and manage simultaneous cases with ease. 

Reimagine the way you track and oversee the waste, fraud and abuse occurring with your agency or its programs. Our Inspector General Investigative Systems help organizations realize efficiencies in how allegations are captured, investigation details validated and monitored, and the timeliness of adjudication decisions and final dispositions.

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Tools for traditional investigative workflows and auditing functionality

This includes automating reports of complaint, allegation and misconduct as well as tracking them from creation through the full case lifecycle.

Advanced Search & Reporting

With easy-to-understand search and reporting capabilities, users can easily gain top sight information about case status, complaint or allegation trends, investigative processes, and processing times.

These solutions are built and tailored to address any kind of investigation information which may be required including:

  • Waste

  • Fraud

  • Abuse

Maximizing the power of a case management solution through automation

We can identify automatic assignments with each state change to a 

team, role or individual user.

Integrating industry-specific reports regularly used by leadership

Industry reports are automatically generated at the click of a button, eliminating the need for hours or even days of data collection. These reports are all generated at the click of a button eliminating the need for manual data analysis.

“Chainbridge Solutions was the perfect choice for developing our new case tracking system for our specific and unique need. They always met or exceeded expectations and timelines. They clearly communicated all along the way, especially when discussing difficult technical aspects. We highly recommend Chainbridge.”

Kim Harmon, Inspector General 

Tennessee Office of Inspector General 


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