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Use the power of machine learning to gain insight, predict outcomes, and streamline your case management system.

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Let Your Data and Behavior Drive Predictions 

There are times when customers need to forecast outcomes in ways that go beyond trend analysis. Predicting an investigation’s ultimate adjudication, for example, involves more than business rules—we have to take into account historic human decisions.

By using trained Machine Learning models, Starshine can see the whole picture and apply algorithms that return predictions based on data that is not easily observed.

Experiment with Relationships in Your Case Management System and Explore New Models  

Starshine includes an interface for building out models, letting a user identify fields and potential predictions, and then testing accuracy based on the historical data in your system. Models can be deployed with the click of a button.

Help Manage Your Continuous Evaluation and Applicant Information  

The upcoming deluge of information from Continuous Evaluation (CE) subscriptions, combined with the Applicant information you already receive, makes it hard to prioritize. With Starshine, predictive models help bring urgent issues to the surface, and those issues requiring more experience can be assigned accordingly to the right team member.

Key Features

  • Pre-trained models for SF86 and OF 306 data 

  • Built in analytics capability

  • Model accuracy that improves over time with continuous feedback 

System Specifications

  • System Requirements: Linux or Windows Server, Oracle 12c or higher, SQL Server 2017 or higher, MySQL 8.0 or higher
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: 2020


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