Chainbridge Solutions has been supporting Personnel Security (PERSEC) organizations within the Federal Government for over a decade. In that time we have helped these critical organizations, responsible for their workforce security and readiness, by minimizing manual processes for candidate information intake, automating their workflow, streamlining their business processes, and integrating with a variety of internal and external systems to share and consolidate data. The changes we continue to implement and the systems we build have been game changers for the PERSEC community.

In today’s world of data overload, we are empowering our customers to organize their data and extract insights. For our PERSEC customer, we have enabled case decision predictability early in the case’s lifecycle. PERSEC staff decide which risks they are willing to accept and which they will not. Based on their risk profile and associated decisions, they can enable the system to make case decisions for them!

What does this mean for the PERSEC team? They are able to avoid spending countless and unnecessary hours reviewing cases with obvious favorable or unfavorable predictable outcomes. The labor hours saved are transferred to more complex cases that require the expertise of seasoned specialists to sift through the data. Systems built by Chainbridge Solutions handle the easy stuff, so our PERSEC customers can focus on the more important and critical work! If you are a member of a PERSEC organization within the federal government, come talk to us about how we might help transform your PERSEC workload!