Fairfax VA, 10/26/2018:
Chainbridge Solutions Inc. has joined ServiceNow as a Technology Partner through their PartnerNow program. ServiceNow is a computing company which creates enterprise automation solutions to streamline work processes and products through their cloud-based platform. Use cases for their product spans several industries including security, HR, customer service, and many other business applications.
As a partner, Chainbridge Solutions will have access to a vast amount of ServiceNow development resources, their community, and be empowered with the ability to certify applications and make them available on the ServiceNow webstore. With a team of certified ServiceNow developers already on staff, and an intimate familiarity with the platform, product roadmap, and support teams, Chainbridge Solutions is armed to offer customers a broader set of options for their case management needs. Chainbridge Solutions is proud to grow our expertise with ServiceNow and expand our toolset with which to build innovative, trusted systems for our customers.
About Chainbridge Solutions:
Chainbridge Solutions is an SBA 8(a) Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) headquartered in Fairfax, VA. As a trusted partner for design, execution and delivery of modern software solutions, our team members leverage domain-level expertise to meet your mission-critical IT objectives. Chainbridge Solutions’ mission is to bridge the gap between vision and solution – always with unparalleled integrity and quality.