In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, the need for a secure, enabled, and ready workforce has never been more crucial. BRIDGESECURE, built on the robust ServiceNow Platform, is a comprehensive personnel security and background investigation case management system specifically designed for the U.S. Federal Government and government contractors.

A Modern Solution for Enhanced Workforce Security

By seamlessly integrating advanced technology and streamlined processes, BRIDGESECURE empowers agencies and organizations to achieve the highest standards of workforce security.

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Cloud-Agnostic Deployment Model

Whether it is ServiceNow, AWS, Azure or others, we can support your cloud-deployment needs. Regardless of your preferred cloud infrastructure, BRIDGESECURE is deployable on the cloud infrastructure required bringing the benefits of cost, security and flexibility inherent to your organization’s needs.

Efficient Tracking of Case-Management Data

Track and manage case data to enhance visibility and ensure accurate information management. BRIDGESECURE’s inherently flexible and capable workflow and tracking platform provides your personnel-security (PERSEC) adjudication team a centralized system for effective insight and decision-making.

Intuitive Pre-Configured Workflow Tool

Leverage BRIDGESECURE’s Workflow Configuration tool to streamline case processing, roles, system, and data permissions. Build custom workflows aligned with your organization’s needs, personnel, priorities and requirements.

Automated Pre-Screening Procedures

BRIDGESECURE saves time and effort by automating the receipt of record check results and pre-screening procedures. This includes fingerprint checks and Personnel Investigations Processing System/Central Verification System (PIPS/CVS) verification, enabling organizations to efficiently assess candidate backgrounds and qualifications.

Adaptable Front End Portal

Engage with candidates, prospects, and employees in a user-friendly and secure portal to directly collect essential information. Our intuitive interface makes data collection—one of the PERSEC process’ most time-consuming stages—effortless.

Full-Case Investigative Workflow

Benefit from a comprehensive platform that encompasses intake, pre-screening, investigation, adjudication, and continuous vetting. By seamlessly managing the entire case lifecycle, organizations handle PERSEC with a structured, standardized approach that leads to significant time savings.

System Integration with Key Data Sources

BRIDESECURE integrates directly major data sources required to augment and enhance the personnel security process. By seamlessly integrating with the data ecosystems of eApp, eDelivery, and the NP2 portal, BRIDGESECURE enables cohesive and comprehensive candidate insight.

Enabled for Self-Reporting Events (SEAD 3)

Aligned with the requirements of Trusted Workforce, BRIDGESECURE embeds in your organization through the full employee lifecycle. By enabling employees to conveniently self-report events and activities through our user-friendly portal, Agencies are assured of accurate and up-to-date information, and continuous compliance.

Intuitive User Dashboards

Access real-time insights regarding the state of your PERSEC process through intuitive user dashboards that quickly provide a comprehensive overview of case progress and key metrics. By highlighting trends, identifying areas of improvement and degradation, BRIDGESECURE’s dashboards provide key insights that helps your organization make better decisions.

Automated Correspondence for Easy and Quick Communication

Ensure regular communications with Agency HR, hiring managers, and applicants with automated correspondence features that enable efficient information exchange. Ensure all stakeholders stay informed via automated, timely email notifications.

System Specifications

  • System Requirements: ServiceNow New York release or higher
  • Language: English