PERSEC Support Services

Personnel Security (PERSEC) is the process of thoroughly vetting candidates for hire in your agency. With over 9 million personnel in the Federal government, we must ensure workforce security.

Our Personnel Security Program has seen tremendous improvements since being taken over in February 2020. Most of the advancements have occurred under the service delivery of the Chainbridge Solutions Personnel Security Program Support Team.

By utilizing CACM automation and Power BI visualized Personnel Security Dashboard, Chainbridge has harnessed technology to improve the quality and timeliness of ITIOD’s personnel security program. Our staff and data are safer & better protected thanks to these dedicated professionals! ” – Government Contracting Officer Technical Representative

Long vetting processes often lead to outdated information before adjudication is complete and missed opportunities with talented candidates. These lengthy, complex processes waste valuable company resources.

We partner with organizations to support their personnel security (PERSEC) solution to secure their unique workforce and workplace while optimizing the process to ensure the shortest path to adjudication.


• Full Lifecycle Personnel Security Services for all tiers and access levels
• Risk management and position risk designation management
• Complete adjudication services of all case types

Tools & Techniques

  • Experience with NBIS and the new EAPP.
  • Expert knowledge of DCSA and the background investigation process
  • Expert knowledge of the USAccess user interface and the credentialing process
  • Expert knowledge of the Credit Bureau user interfaces with many providers


  • Position Risk Designation Management
  • Complete Adjudication Services
  • High-level Knowledge with NBIS, DCSA, EAPP and the Background Investigation Process
  • Experts in USAccess User Interface and the Credentialing Process
  • Proficient with all Credit Bureau User Interfaces

Case Study: Is Your Agency Ready for Trusted Workforce?

Leading the implementation of a tailored agency’s PERSEC solution