Chainbridge Solutions Inc. is seeking an Application Support Engineer who can support specialized applications that we have deployed to production. The Application Support Engineer will work remotely or in our Fair Lakes, VA office and collaborate with members of our scrum team to resolve application issues related to availability, data, functionality, and error messages the user may have experienced while in our application. They will serve as the primary point of contact for support requests, collecting information for troubleshooting and updating the customer on the status of their reported issue.   

Principal Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Monitor system availability through the use of system monitoring tools and alerts sent to a phone and email account. Monitor service desk inboxes for customer-reported issues and inquiries. 
  • Respond to customer inquiries and automated alerts in a timely manner. Record all inquiries in our ticketing system. Communicate with business analysts, product owners, and application developers to gain an understanding of our deployed applications and respond to customer communication accurately. 
  • Troubleshoot incidents promptly, applying basic troubleshooting techniques to each reported issue. Leverage test servers and attempt to replicate the reported issue; and use your understanding of application architecture to eliminate potential sources of failure. 
  • Investigate suspected data issues using SQL queries against application Oracle or SQL Server databases. Interpret query results and replicate the reported problem in lower environments to help identify a solution.  
  • Perform quality checks on deployments once complete.  
  • Document support and maintenance procedures in our Confluence site so they can be leveraged by other team members. 


  • Bachelor’s degree preferred 
  • Technology troubleshooting experience, including application support working directly with end users   
  • Demonstrated reliability and dependability 
  • Able to query databases using SQL and analyze results 
  • Experience tracking and updating incidents or requests in an issue tracking system.  
  • Ability to manage tasks at various priority levels, and escalate issues quickly after initial attempts to resolve a problem have failed been unsuccessful  
  • Prior experience working and collaborating with scrum team members 
  • Good oral and written communication skills 
  • US Citizen, willing and able to undergo a U.S. Government background investigation 
  • Fully vaccinated against Covid-19