Effective personnel-security (PERSEC) programs mitigate the risks of insider threats, unauthorized disclosures, and other security breaches that could potentially compromise national security or public safety. The Trusted Workforce concept lies at the heart of these programs, emphasizing the need for a trusted and capable workforce that can handle sensitive information and perform critical duties in a secure manner.

A well-designed case-management system is a critical component of an organization’s success in ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and reliability of its operations. Used to their fullest extent, PERSEC applications can maximize a Personnel Office’s efficiency and increase the organization’s overall security and regulatory compliance.

With a decade of expertise in PERSEC, as well as designers of case-management platforms, Chainbridge Solutions was awarded a contract to lead the PERSEC program supporting the customer’s security team. By leveraging the efficiencies of our software solution and expert insight into personnel security compliance and regulations, Chainbridge Solutions effectively assessed, addressed, and deployed a tailored PERSEC solution that overcame the organization’s considerable challenges.

Chainbridge Solutions personnel experts provided immediate benefits to the organization and we were able to provide the following:

  • 500+ overdue cases were adjucated and closed
  • 90+ overdue security upgrades were conducted
  • Addressed and identified 34 cases that were abandoned in the system
  • Onboarded 62+ individuals that were abandoned in the system
  • Initiated 140+ eQIPs that missed their deadlines

In not just clearing the agency’s backlog but revolutionizing their capacity to efficiently process new cases, Chainbridge Solutions reinvigorated the agency’s PERSEC program—positioning them to adapt to significant industry changes on the horizon and ensuring their readiness for Trusted Workforce.

Government agencies benefit from Chainbridge Solutions’ unique expertise and experience through solutions that strengthen and revitalize their PERSEC programs.