Build Modern Apps to Future-Proof Your Agency

As technology and mission priorities evolve, many of the systems our government relies on require complex support and expensive modifications to remain relevant and effective. Outdated systems become misaligned with mission objectives and pose significant risks, including security vulnerabilities and a deteriorating user experience that leads to frustration and inefficiency.

In this dynamic environment, application modernization is a crucial initiative on every government agency’s critical path. Chainbridge Solutions transforms legacy systems into modern applications that not only meet current requirements but also adapt to future challenges. We raise user experiences and enhance usability, ensuring that personnel can effectively utilize the applications to achieve their goals in a secure, compliant environment.

Chainbridge Solutions’ skilled and experienced solution architects, developers, analysts, and testers are well-versed in the latest technology and software-development practices to provide the following modernization services:

Streamline Cloud Migration and Support

  • Assessment and planning for migrating applications to the cloud.
  • Design and implementation of cloud-native architectures.
  • Seamless data transfer and integration with cloud services.
  • Ongoing cloud management, monitoring, and platform optimization.

Value-Driven Feature Delivery

  • Aligning new application capabilities to objectives.
  • Cost/benefit analysis on new features.
  • Process modeling and ROI estimation.

Modernize Custom Application Development

  • Analysis of legacy systems to identify modernization opportunities.
  • Design and insertion of bespoke technologies to support scalable and modern applications.
  • Implementation of applications using DevSecOps processes.

Develop Agile Methodologies including SAFe

  • Utilization of Scrum, Kanban, Agile frameworks, and software systems.
  • Implementation of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for large-scale projects.
  • Training in continuous delivery and iterative development practices.

Quick Application Delivery Using Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

  • Deployment of low-code/no-code development platforms for rapid application development.
  • Configuration and customization of applications using visual interfaces.
  • Reduce coding efforts through pre-built modules and templates.

Post-Implementation Production Support and Transition

  • Monitor and troubleshoot applications in a production environment.
  • Support users and respond to incidents.
  • Enable knowledge transfer from development to operations teams.
  • Provide regular updates and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

User-Friendly Applications

  • Leverage human-centered design and intuitive user interfaces for application modernization.
  • Comprehensive usability testing and incorporation of user feedback.
  • Customization to organizational and agency preferences.
  • Accessible and inclusive design for diverse user needs.

Secure and Scalable Processes

  • Implementation of robust security processes to protect applications and data.
  • Compliance with regulations and data protection standards.
  • Scalable architectures ready for future demands and growth.
  • Disaster-recovery planning and implementation.

Reduce Cost of Maintenance and Support

  • Identification and elimination of redundant functionalities.
  • Rationalization and consolidation of systems to reduce complexity.
  • Improve system stability to reduce downtime.

Increase Capability and Functionality

  • Enhance system features and capabilities to meet evolving requirements.
  • Integration with third-party systems and services for extended functionality.
  • Performance optimization and scalability enhancements.

Mission-Ready Solutions

  • Readiness of applications to align with specific mission objectives.
  • Adherence to government regulations and standards.
  • Validation and testing to ensure mission-critical functionality.

Government agencies trust Chainbridge Solutions to address the risks associated with outdated systems and unlock the benefits of application modernization. Modernized applications provide enhanced security measures, protecting sensitive information, and mitigating potential breaches. By aligning applications with agency mission objectives, efficiency and effectiveness are improved, giving teams access to more capability with less effort.

Let Chainbridge Solutions help your agency modernize and succeed!