Creating effective and insightful reporting for personnel security

Personnel security programs are crucial for US government agencies to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and reliability of operations. Efficient processing of personnel security cases is integral to hiring and maintaining a fully credentialed workforce. The challenge for federal managers is evaluating efficient case processing and pinpointing bottlenecks.

Chainbridge Solutions developed a series of metrics reporting tools to meet this challenge, each addressing a different part of the standard personnel security workflow. The metrics tools help personnel security divisions answer the following questions:

  • How do we measure success?
  • How do we accurately analyze the efficiency of different roles and regions?
  • How do we recognize trends, areas of growth, and areas of excellence?
  • How do we generate useful data for stakeholders, planning, and performance analysis?

The metrics associated with each tool are customized to the client’s measures of success. Custom reports are also generated that display the most important metrics for managers. The metrics tools and their associated reports allow managers to access key data in a matter of minutes without having to perform in-depth analysis. The data displayed in the tools also facilitate the manager’s ability to plan and evaluate employee performance. Additionally, the tools can be shared with stakeholders and other divisions within the agency. Thus, alleviating the burden on the personnel security manager to address agency-wide questions associated with case processing times, etc.

By partnering with Chainbridge Solutions, federal agencies benefit from over a decade of personnel security experience and a team focused on meeting individual client needs.

Chainbridge Solution’s suite of software tools provided answers to measured success, analyzed efficiency across roles, identified trends and areas of growth, and generated insight for stakeholders.