Streamline the PERSEC Case-Processing Lifecycle from Start to Finish

PERSEC-IQ empowers federal, state, and local personnel-security (PERSEC) organizations, enabling them to swiftly onboard high-quality staff while ensuring their organizations remain safe, secure, and ready for Trusted Workforce 2.0. A product of Chainbridge Solutions’ more than 13 years of PERSEC system design and implementation expertise, PERSEC-IQ automates key business operations for case processing in a cost-effective, turnkey solution.

Built on the Tyler Technologies Application Platform powered by Entellitrak®, PERSEC-IQ provides an efficient real-time view into an organization’s workforce with the ability to intake data from the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA).

Key Features

Efficient Candidate Intake

Automate the candidate intake process with our seamless and intuitive system. PERSEC-IQ streamlines the collection of candidate information, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience and reducing administrative burden. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to efficiency.

Real-Time View for Enhanced Oversight

With PERSEC-IQ, gain a real-time view into the state of your organization’s workforce. Our solution allows you to receive data from the National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) system, access the built-in Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 3 portal, and implement continuous vetting practices. Stay informed and act promptly on any red flags or other adverse items within your cleared workforce.

Built-In Adjudication & Correspondence Management

Our solution offers a comprehensive and detailed investigative workflow that covers every stage of the case-processing lifecycle. PERSEC-IQ provides the tools and functionalities to manage cases effectively from initial intake to final adjudication. Track case status, record changes, and monitor workflow transitions with ease.

Full-Case Lifecycle Tracking & Visibility

With PERSEC-IQ, you have complete visibility and tracking capabilities throughout the entire case lifecycle. Our solution captures every action and decision, providing an auditable trail for accountability and compliance purposes. Because you stay informed, you make informed decisions.

Dynamic One-Click Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports with a single click. PERSEC-IQ’s dynamic reporting feature allows you to effortlessly extract essential data and insights. Customize reports to meet your specific requirements and easily share them with stakeholders.

Tailored Dashboards

Experience user-friendly and tailored dashboards that provide a holistic view of your PERSEC cases. Our intuitive interface presents the information you need in a clear and organized manner, empowering you to make data-driven decisions efficiently.

Continuous Vetting Ready

Stay ahead of evolving security needs with continuous vetting capabilities. PERSEC-IQ supports ongoing vetting and monitoring of your workforce, ensuring compliance and enhanced security measures.

User-Friendly Portal for Self-Reporting Events (SEAD 3)

Engage your workforce with our user-friendly SEAD 3 portal. Enable employees to self-report events, ensuring accurate and timely information is captured within the system. Improve transparency and reduce administrative overhead.

Trusted Workforce Compliant

Track which employees are enrolled in Trusted Workforce and when they were enrolled. Ingest DCSA Rap Back and Trusted Workforce through eDelivery which will be displayed on the event heat map. Review and adjudicate each Rap Back or Trusted Workforce event, with the ability to correspond with employees when additional information is required.

NBIS Ready

Track eAPP initiation, review, and submission along with full subject management. Integration ready as DCSA makes additional functionality available.

System Specifications

• Browser Capabilities

• Language: English