Application modernization is a means to help organizations survive in a digital world. Today, organizations must adopt solid modernization strategies to stay competitive.

Suppose an organization’s IT infrastructure includes legacy applications that are difficult to update, almost impossible to migrate, or a nightmare to administer. In that case, the team should consider an application modernization strategy. Application modernization takes existing legacy applications and modernizes their platform infrastructure, internal architecture, and/or features. Application modernization centers on bringing monolithic, on-premises applications — which IT teams usually update and maintain with waterfall development processes — into cloud architecture and agile release patterns.

An application modernization effort offers the following advantages:

  • Better and deeper application insights. Application modernization creates more significant insight into the application, dependencies, user activity, and more. These insights help organizations plan for cloud scalability, performance improvements, and business alignment. It also helps reduce risk and downtime.
  • Vastly improved performance. With application modernization comes new features, functions, and services. Additionally, with an improved deployment model, applications can run faster and perform better.
  • Cost optimization. Application performance improvement reduces costs and deployment time. Application modernization strategies shorten the time it takes to update applications and cut operational costs.
  • Improved efficiency. Legacy apps are clunky, hard to update, and challenging to troubleshoot. However, application modernization eliminates such barriers and helps teams become more productive. With improved application efficiency, teams can service clients better and access cloud-native tools.
  • Executive-level and business benefits. Application modernization allows organizations to deliver best-case user experiences continuously. Teams can shape and shift an agile application or service to fit ever-changing business models, mitigating the risk of support loss in legacy software environments.

Chainbridge Solutions transforms legacy systems into modern applications that meet current requirements and adapt to future challenges. We raise user experiences and enhance usability, ensuring personnel can effectively utilize the applications to achieve their goals in a secure, compliant environment.

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