Elevate your workforce security.

We are living in a workforce clamoring for more security. BRIDGE Secure, built on the Now Platform, helps organizations achieve workforce security.

Our BridgeSecure product can be up and running on Day One and includes a comprehensive set of essential personnel security features to help organizations secure their workplace and optimize the vetting process through pre-built data forms, automated workflows and reporting capabilities.

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Simple, Accurate Data Collection

Gather all the required information directly from candidates using a secure, easy-to-navigate user portal. Candidate-submitted information is available immediately where your agency can quickly review, request corrections, or move a case forward all from one convenient dashboard.

Transparent Case Tracking

Track case status, record changes and workflow transitions with dashboard reporting, ad-hoc search capabilities and a detailed, action-by-action audit trail of all system activities.

Confident Adjudications

With all case information stored in a single location and a clear path for processing records along the way, your team of adjudicators can feel confident that the information they have available is both accurate and up-to-date.

Automated peer review of adjudications can further ensure every adjudication is fully considered and consistent with policy.

Key Features

  • Investigative Workflow covering Intake, Pre-Screening, Investigation, Adjudication, and Continuous Evaluation

  • System integrations ready for all major data sources including eQIP, eDelivery, 79A, and more

  • Intuitive User Dashboards

System Specifications

  • System Requirements: ServiceNow New York release or higher
  • Language: English

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Ethically Speaking

June 28th, 2021|

Chainbridge Solutions offers an Entellitrak-based, web-accessible electronic filing system to government staff required to file their OGE-450 Financial Disclosure

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