Elevate your workforce security.

We are living in a workforce clamoring for more security. BridgeSECURE, built on the Now Platform, helps organizations achieve workforce security.

Our BridgeSECURE product (a native application built on the ServiceNow platform) can be up and running on Day One and includes a comprehensive set of essential personnel security features to help organizations secure their workplace and optimize the vetting process through pre-built data forms, automated workflows and reporting capabilities.

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Simple, Accurate Data Collection

Gather all the required information directly from candidates using a secure, easy-to-navigate user portal. Candidate-submitted information is available immediately where your agency can quickly review, request corrections, or move a case forward all from one convenient dashboard.

Transparent Case Tracking

Track case status, record changes and workflow transitions with dashboard reporting, ad-hoc search capabilities and a detailed, action-by-action audit trail of all system activities.

Confident Adjudications

With all case information stored in a single location and a clear path for processing records along the way, your team of adjudicators can feel confident that the information they have available is both accurate and up-to-date.

Automated peer review of adjudications can further ensure every adjudication is fully considered and consistent with policy.

Key Features

  • Investigative Workflow covering Intake, Pre-Screening, Investigation, Adjudication, and Continuous Evaluation

  • System integrations ready for all major data sources including eQIP, eDelivery, 79A, and more

  • Intuitive User Dashboards

System Specifications

  • System Requirements: ServiceNow New York release or higher
  • Language: English

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June 28th, 2021|

Chainbridge Solutions offers an Entellitrak-based, web-accessible electronic filing system to government staff required to file their OGE-450 Financial Disclosure

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