On January 12, 2018, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) issued Security Executive Agent Directive 6. This directive established policy and requirements for the continuous evaluation (CE) of cleared individuals who require continued eligibility for access to classified information or eligibility to hold a sensitive position. The policy further specifies that automated record checks shall be conducted on personnel enrolled in the CE program. The record checks must be frequent and conducted with a regular cadence – ensuring that the individuals are continuously being vetted.

Having established the Continuous Evaluation System (CES), ODNI has been enrolling individuals in this system since 2018. The CES offers nine types of data categories for the automated checks. These include:

  1. Scattered Castles – Eligibility for Clearance
  2. TIDE Terrorism – International
  3. FinCEN Suspicious Financial Activity
  4. Equifax Credit Reports via Interim Record Checks Capability (IRCC)
  5. TransUnion Credit Reports via Interim Record Checks Capability (IRCC)
  6. LexisNexis & Thomson Reuters Commercial Public Records via IRCC
  7. Terrorism – Domestic (FBI CJIS/NCIC)
  8. Foreign Travel (APIS/BCI)
  9. FBI Next Generation Identification (NGI) Rap Back

To benefit from these automated record checks and be prepared to take action as a result of information received, federal agencies need a method for processing this incoming data. Chainbridge Solutions offers our customers direct integration with the ODNI CES to automatically receive and process incoming record check data. We are helping agencies build ODNI interfaces from their Personnel Security and Background Investigation Case Management System (PERSEC/CMS) solutions. The CMS is designed and configured to ingest CES results for all enrolled personnel within the agency.  The incoming data is matched with corresponding subjects and their respective cases, and investigative results are updated directly within the CMS to their matched cases.

CES data is comprehensive and expansive, which leads to many challenges for agencies. Thus, the dilemma exists as to how best to process so much data quickly, while extracting insights and taking appropriate actions on those insights. Chainbridge Solutions offers our customers a simple way to overcome this challenge. We implement sophisticated business rules to flag results that meet or exceed a predetermined risk level. When risk increases, automated email notifications are triggered to alert resources to take appropriate action. In addition, Chainbridge Solutions utilizes artificial intelligence to formulate insights from the data. Using Machine Learning, we can identify patterns and trends in the automated record check results that provides predictions as to who the high-risk individuals within any agency may be. Our approach provides our customers with a holistic view illustrating the general risk level across the enterprise. Chainbridge Solutions provides dashboards with a real-time agency risk profile by analyzing the types of vulnerabilities, degree and quantity of risks that exist, and individuals of risk.

Having CES integration directly with the ODNI, agencies can rest assured that they are receiving security details directly from the security policy maker for the government. With Chainbridge Solutions working with your team, agencies obtain the:

  • Skilled team members who understand personnel security and can establish integrations with your system,
  • CE results being automatically ingested and placed with their corresponding subjects and cases,
  • Solution and integration that provides simple and timely access to critical information,
  • Integrated and intuitive approach to process, interpret, and gain insights from the CE results they obtain, and finally
  • Alerts and notifications ensuring authorities are proactively aware of matters of greater concern and trigger responses quickly – striving to do so before greater harm is done.

Want to know more?

If you want to learn more about collecting and understanding SEAD 6 data and how to protect your agency from various risks, please reach out to us via info@chainbridgesolutions.com. We can set up a discussion to provide more information, schedule a demonstration, and speak with our PERSEC and AI Subject Matter Experts.