Chainbridge Solutions was born out of a passion for protecting people.

Chainbridge Solutions was founded with a specific mission to help prevent tragedies that result from disparate data systems that lack coordination and communication regarding people’s information.

The unfortunate inspiration comes from the violence on the Virginia Tech campus in April 2007. As an Alum herself, Aarti Smith, Founder and CEO of Chainbridge Solutions, felt the need to do something to solve this problem.

Since our inception in 2010, Chainbridge Solutions has been building modern, secure, and insightful personnel security solutions for the federal government.

Chainbridge Solutions has successfully implemented numerous systems that focus on consolidating siloed personnel data, extracting valuable insights, automating workflow and processes needed for background investigations, and raising red flags to identify events or information requiring further investigation or intervention. Our solutions create timely alerts that help agencies identify and understand the potential threats across their workforce and, most importantly, take action to resolve them with speed.

Chainbridge Solutions has expanded and extended our capabilitiesbeyond just personnel security into Application Modernization, creating software that ultimately aims to improve the experience of the human: an employee, a contractor, a new hire, a staff member, a visitor, an insider, and beyond.

We build solutions that automate and improve the human experience in justice and law enforcement, environmental and scientific domains, educational systems, financial systems, human resource service delivery, management and planning systems, and much more.