Credential Management is Case Management


Credentialing is the intake, vetting, and adjudication of professionals to check education, licensing, certifications, etc. These artifacts are attached to a person through a case and once adjudicated, afford the employee or contractor certain privileges (e.g. patient care, medical practice, information security, law enforcement, etc.). Credentialing activity reviews occur initially during the onboarding process, but continuous evaluation occurs throughout the professional’s tenure at an agency. Why do agencies struggle with onboarding medical professionals and efficiently processing credentialing,

Chainbridge Solutions Receives 5-Year Contract Award from NRC


Chainbridge Solutions is pleased to announce a 5-year contract award from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Chainbridge Solutions will be preparing the NRC for the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency’s Workforce 2.0. “We have supported the NRC for all their personnel security needs through the last decade. The trust and collaboration we share is remarkable! We are honored to continue on this journey with them.”, said Chainbridge Solutions’ President & CEO, Aarti Smith.

Template Generation with Entellitrak Systems


Personnel Security departments across the Federal government - both Civilian and Defense as well as State and Local governments - create, send, and manage often overwhelming amounts of paper-based artifacts as part of their daily business. Many of these documents must be created and sent to applicants, Human Resources departments, Supervisors, Managers, and the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA).   Can you imagine how much time must be spent creating and then re-creating the same documents

Chainbridge Solutions is Empowering the Personnel Security Community


Chainbridge Solutions has been supporting Personnel Security (PERSEC) organizations within the Federal Government for over a decade. In that time we have helped these critical organizations, responsible for their workforce security and readiness, by minimizing manual processes for candidate information intake, automating their workflow, streamlining their business processes, and integrating with a variety of internal and external systems to share and consolidate data. The changes we continue to implement and the systems we build have been game

Chainbridge Solutions Named a 2021 Tyler Technologies Public Sector Excellence Award Winner


Chainbridge Solutions Inc. recognized at Tyler’s annual Connect user conference  Fairfax, Virginia (April 29, 2021) – Chainbridge Solutions was recently awarded as a 2021 Tyler Technologies Public Sector Excellence award winner at Tyler’s annual Connect user conference in April. Chainbridge Solutions was recognized as a winner because of its demonstrated excellence in deploying Tyler’s Entellitrak® platform in innovative and impactful ways. As the Platinum Partner within Tyler’s Partner Alliance Program, the only partner at this level, Chainbridge Solutions has proven its

Innovation Lab Highlights: Dashboard Reporting Modernization


What is the Innovation Lab?  The Chainbridge Solutions Innovation Lab represents the physical and virtual collaboration of the best and brightest across our company. Trained and experienced professionals come together to develop novel solutions to our customers’ most challenging problems. Exceptional solutions start in our lab and result in tailored proof-of-concepts, solutions accelerators, and an array of specialized domain prototypes. The Chainbridge Solutions Innovation Lab enables our company to quickly stand up real-world demonstrations for customers that help conceptualize the possibilities of a “Chainbridge Solution” specific to their use cases and needs. The Innovation Lab helps turn our customer’s vision into reality.   How

Workplace Modernization – Take Advantage of the Momentum


The emergence of COVID-19 as a world-wide pandemic in early 2020 forced employers across the United States (and around the world) to conduct one of the greatest workplace productivity experiments of all time: a mass shift to remote work. Within days, employees who regularly showed up at offices found themselves challenged by working remotely, depending heavily on technology infrastructure and virtual collaboration tools to stay connected and get work done. Many of those collaboration tool vendors were also

Bridging Tech: Helping Kids Reach Their Full Potential


Inspired by two young leaders from Stanford University who kicked off a program at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic called Bridging Tech, Chainbridge Solutions joins in their passion to help children in underserved communities. The Bridging Tech program provides the crucial technology for these children to attend school remotely, complete assignments, and have access to online information for learning. Launched as a charitable non-profit organization, Bridging Tech receives technology donations around the country.  Bridging Tech shares our passion for “bridging” a solution to a need or idea. Chainbridge Solutions has embraced Bridging Tech and is donating laptops to the non-profit. We will continue to support them and donate

Introducing Chainbridge Solutions Bridge Academy (CSBA): Investing in the Next Generation of Technical Talent!


Education and empowerment are the core tenants of our culture and our value statement. We work closely with young women in high school within the Girl’s in Technology (GIT) program. We help these future leaders navigate college readiness and guide their passion for education in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). For another important program, Bridging Technology, we provide old laptops to poverty-stricken youth, unable to procure necessary technology for learning. The laptops are refurbished

Lifecycle Management of a Credential Holder


We’ve established that credential management is case management and described how low-code application platforms like ServiceNow can be used to standardize the onboarding process. However, just because the provider has been successfully onboarded does not mean the credential management work is done.   Once onboarded, the credential holder must maintain ongoing certification requirements, continuing professional education (CPE), currency maintenance, and similar activities. Through an employee service portal, the credential holder can report CPE events, practice hours and activities, report renewed or upgraded licenses/certifications, and similar activities. The reporting is


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